Excellence through innovation
Excellence through innovation
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With a reputation built upon the highest levels of diligence and innovative professionalism, Int Research has grown discreetly to become the provider of choice to a distinguished and exclusive level of clientele worldwide.  Located just 15 minutes from London Heathrow Airport, our offices and training facilities are conveniently situated to meet the requirements of our UK, European and International clients.

Int Research

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Hostile Actions Identification and Defence

A course that provides training in identification of the early phases of a hostile operation. The course uses recognised techniques to identify sub-conscious and physical actions, which betray personnel targeting your staff or establishment. 

Training Courses

Teel Technologies in conjunction with Int Research Ltd will be delivering the following courses:
CHIP OFF Forensics Course
JTAG 2.0 Forensics Course 
In System Programming Training (ISP)  
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Squarehead Latest Products

Int Research are pleased to announce the arrival of the latest Squarehead products. Please login for further details.